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Dr Henderson came to our home twice this year to help our two pups over the bridge.  The compassion and sensitivity that Dr Henderson showed through some terrible times for our family was so appreciated.  She explained the process, loved on our sweet pups, and gave us the time we needed to say goodbye.  I'm so glad that a service like this exists, and that someone like Dr Henderson was there for us when we needed it.

    Kendra Ramick

Like so many others have already written here, as hard it was, as hard as the decision was, Dr. Sarah Heinemann answered all our questions and concerns, but most of all that dreadful question of, is now the right time, am I doing this too soon?  This is the only right way to let your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge.  It was done with absolute class and beauty.  The process itself is one of peace and ease. the hardest part is the decision of is now the right time and letting them go.  I truly don't have words that would be enough to recommend Beyond the Rainbow, short of saying i hope never to have to do this again, but if we ever do, without hesitation, We will call Sarah in a heartbeat.  Our sweet boy Marshall deserved nothing less than the beauty of crossing over at home in peace and he did just that.  Thank you so much for making something so hard, beautiful.

    Joe Watson

You won't convince me a dog has ever been loved as deeply as our Appa was.  When it came time for us to make the hardest decision you can make for your senior pet, we felt like he'd earned a peaceful passing in his own home with his family.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about how Dr. Henderson eased this emotional process for us.  Our hearts were broken by having to make the decision itself, but Dr. Henderson made it as smooth of a process as possible.  She communicated everything clearly and kindly so we knew what was going on every step of the way and we felt prepared.  She was compassionate and caring and we were able to give our beloved golden the crossover he deserved.  She called it "his next adventure" and I really loved that.  If you are in the position we were in, trying to give your furry family member the most respect, comfort and love during their departure, I highly, highly recommend Beyond the Rainbow.

    Kristin Durbin

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Heinemann who came to help Fletcher cross the rainbow bridge today.  I had been a mess up until she came to the door and her calmness and understanding made this such a beautiful experience vs. the traumatic experience I was thinking this would be.  Words can’t describe how thankful I am for her helping us both. Fletcher not only went peacefully but he was in a happy state of mind and that is all I could ever ask for.  I am still grieving and sad but I know that this was the right decision and she validated that.  You truly are angels here on earth!  Thank you both so much.

    Lauren O’Connor


This morning our sweet Sandy became an angel in doggy heaven.  Thanks to the kind, compassionate, and professional manner of Dr. Henderson, Sandy felt no pain or anxiety during this delicate procedure.  Dr. Henderson explained everything she did, reassuring my husband and me that Sandy was comfortable and free of pain.  We couldn’t have asked for a better ending for our girl who has given us so many loving, fun-filled memories!  Thank you for making Sandy’s journey to heaven a peaceful one.

    The Hopper Family

Dr. Henderson, your soft spoken and very compassionate bedside manner was truly a blessing today.  You really made what I thought would be a tortuous experience very dignified.  I was overwhelmed with the comfort and peace that seemed to wash over our little Mayly as your caring hands worked.  Cancer has been a long journey and such an ugly disease; I thought her passing would be no exception.  I don't think her passing has quite sunk in for me yet.  I am exhausted and was sick with worry about what happens to her when she leaves our home.  You allowed me to send her on her next journey on our terms with the utmost care so that we were reassured.  I will always be so grateful to you.

     Andie Milligan


Dr. Heinemann,

I have never experienced such a thing as I did with our girl, Dixie. It was a very difficult decision for us to make. I know you hear these things all the time. Especially during a pandemic where no one has ever gone through such trying times to begin with. Your professionalism was beyond what I would have expected in a normal time. I felt so horrible for not being able to act like a gracious host when you came into my home. My pain was so great at that time and I knew that she would soon be no longer suffering.  From our viewpoint you made her trip over the rainbow an easier transition for her. I knew in my heart that she was hanging on for us. I could see it everyday in her face during the last week we had. It broke my heart and I spent as much time with her as I could. She no longer was doing all the things she loved.  Your compassion for me personally is so appreciated that I do not have the words to express my gratitude to you. I will forever be grateful to you and I will refer you to anyone ever in the situation we found ourselves in.  My heart still hurts. I have her home with us and an area for her to watch over us all. Thank you so much for what you have done and do for others! You are an angel among us!  Thank you and Respectfully.

    Keith and Karen Bradley


Dr. Heinemann, thank you so much for your kind and compassionate care at the end of Jake's life.  For this being such a sad occasion, it went as well as it possibly could have, and we appreciated that so much.  Your website was very informative, and every time I made contact, I received a prompt response.  You did a wonderful job of preparing us for what to expect, and I greatly appreciated the phone call when you were on your way.  Your level of empathy was evident in your speech, facial expressions, and gentle and loving handling of our precious one.  You honored Jake in the present moment while acknowledging his previous robustness and position in our family that you never got to experience.  I would recommend this organization to anyone who needs this service, and have already sung praises to my personal friends.  I look forward to seeing Jake again at the Rainbow Bridge whole, healthy, and free from pain and suffering.  In Light and Love.

    Jeanne Stephens

When we finally came to the realization that it was time to put our almost 10 year old bulldog Wilbur down, we knew we wanted to do it at home. We did not want it to be in a clinical setting at the vets office. We wanted him to feel comfortable, surrounded by the things he loves, right to the very end. This decision could not be taken lightly so after a lot of research we chose Beyond The Rainbow. I called and talked to Dr. Heinemann and she was fantastic answering all my questions, and was able to understand me through my tears. When I had questions later, she was great to reply to those as well. On the day of, she was so fantastic explaining everything that would happen. She played with Wilbur some and was able to see why we had reached this very tough decision. She gave us reassurance that we were making the right choice. We were able to give Wilbur one last treat of ice cream while she gave him meds to relax him. He passed with us holding him and telling him how much we loved him until the very end. He was on his favorite love seat with his favorite blanket. While it was absolutely devastating to our family, to say goodbye to our sweet boy, it was also the most beautiful way for him to go. After he passed, she left us to have some time alone with him. Once we were ready, she came back in and my husband helped carry him out. We had him cremated and about a week later Dr. Heinemann  delivered him back to my house, along with his paw print and clippings of hair. We had picked out an urn ahead of time so his ashes were already in it. I was so glad I did not have to drive to pick him up. This was the absolute toughest decision to make and one of the hardest things we have ever been through. Being able to say goodbye in such a beautiful way, in our home, was exactly what our family needed and what Wilbur deserved. I have told everyone I know since his passing who have pets, if you have a chance to do this at home, do it. Sadly, all pet owners must say goodbye to their pets one way or another. If possible, there is no better way to honor your fur baby than doing it at home and I cannot imagine a more compassionate company than Beyond the Rainbow. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Heinemann and the service she provided for our boy Wilbur.

    The Erbe Family 

I couldn’t have hoped for a more private, caring, and peaceful passage for my beloved Great Dane, Tyson.  He was battling end stage cancer. Had we loaded him into the car and taken him to the vet, he would have experienced tremendous fear and stress.

As it was, he passed in the comfort of his own bed, in his own home, with no stress at all.  It was so reassuring to me to play meditation music (which he loved) and to have my hands and my grown daughter’s hands loving on him right up until the end. 

The vet was really kind, respectful, and unobtrusive.  As hard as that day was, it was a beautiful final gift; the gift of an easy passage. I am very grateful and although I hope we do not need you soon, we will be using this service again.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

    Brigetta Baron

Dear Dr. Heinemann,

We cannot thank you enough for your caring and compassionate service.  One of the most difficult things for a dog lover is when you have to consider the potential loss of your beloved pet.  Abby was such an important part of our family for 17 years and our other dog Gracie's best friend.  You coming to our home was a blessing and made all of the difference in the world allowing us to peacefully say goodbye.  Prolonged suffering or a visit to the vet was not an option for us.  Thank you so very much and I will certainly recommend your services.  RIP our Abagail.  Kind regards.

    Dana Chicarelli

Dear Dr. Henderson & Dr. Heinemann,

We just wanted to take a moment to offer our sincerest thanks to you both for your help, advice, and support over the last couple of weeks regarding our beloved pet Flora.  She was with us for almost 18 years and was the most loving little dog one could ever wish for.  We were given some ‘bonus’ years with her when she traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to join us here in the USA.  She loved her time here in Texas playing in the sun, swimming in the pool and growling at the Gardner’s who came every month and made friends with a little Scottie dog down the road.

As her time was drawing to a close and we were witnessing her deteriorating health, it was our biggest dread having to let her go.  The seizures last week were unbearable to watch and we knew it was time.  As long as we live, we will never, ever forget the kindness and compassion shown to Flora and to us by Dr. Heinemann on the day she went to sleep.  Her gentleness and compassion that day has brought more comfort to us than we could ever express.  It will continue to comfort us throughout our lives.  We have met with many veterinarians over the last 18 years having saved Flora and Hamish from being put to sleep from a puppy farm.  We have never met one with so much kindness when we needed it most last week.

Thank you for the beautiful souvenirs of Flora which our children and grandchildren will treasure always and when we look at them, will remember the wonderful vet, Dr. Heinemann who came to help us all the day Flora left.

     The Prasad Family

Dr. Henderson is so kind and loving.  She treated Jamie as if he was her own pet.  I am so glad I used the services of Beyond The Rainbow.  It made a terribly difficult time easier.

     May Sebel

So thoughtful and considerate.  Gave us as much time as we needed, which was a lot, answered all of our questions and really cared.  Dr. Heinemann is the best.

     The Meredith Family

I wanted to write a heartfelt thank you for assisting us with one of the hardest things our family has ever had to do.  You were beyond gracious and compassionate with our baby Axle and our family.  You made it as easy as it could be and we truly appreciate you and how you do it.  God Bless, Thank you.

     The Hall Family

I cannot express in words how much our family appreciated Dr. Henderson's help in assisting our cat's passing on.  After a difficult fight with cancer, it was time for Oscar to be put down.  He never enjoyed going to the vet and that is why we searched for this service.  By no means did we think it would be handled with this level of professionalism and compassion.  In a difficult moment like this, we truly could not have asked for anything more.  While we will never forget the many years we had with our Oscar, we will always remember Dr. Henderson and Beyond the Rainbow for helping him in his time of need in a humane and dignified fashion.

     Philip and Keely Southwick

I don’t know how to say thank you enough.  Dr. Sarah Heinemann was so compassionate and careful with my baby.  While I had read about the procedure online, she offered to address any questions and wanted to make sure I knew what was going to happen. (Thank you for the amount of information already available online, as it is easier to process before standing face to face).  She did not rush me during this process and allowed it to happen when I was ready.  The level of compassion exhibited by Dr. Heinemann was appreciated and honestly, I did not expect this.  When the call came for my baby to return back home, she exhibited the same type of compassion from our first experience.  I just want to say thank you again for your compassion and the comfort you provided during this difficult time.  Thank you.
     Christopher Hall
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