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We know that losing a pet that is part of your family is heartbreaking. We can help care for your pet with dignity after they have passed away. We understand that most families do not know what to do once a pet has passed, so we have listed the services we provide for aftercare below. If you have any questions about any of the following, please feel free to email, text, or call us. 

Do you provide cremation services?

We do offer cremation services for your loved one through Pet Memories or Toothacres (see below for their website and contact information). We are not a crematorium ourselves, but we have trusted both of these companies with our own pets  in the near past. We trust that they will provide the same compassionate care for your loved one. Private cremation, partitioned private cremation,  and communal cremation are available.  Private cremation includes individual cremation with return of your pet's ashes in your choice of urn.  Partitioned private cremation includes an individual cremation of multiple pets within one cremation machine- there are dividing panels in the machine that contain the ashes of each pet within their own area so that they can be collected and returned to you. Partitioned private cremations are considered more eco-friendly but still allow return of only your pet's ashes. Communal cremation includes cremation with scattering or burial of your pet's ashes in the memorial garden at the crematorium.

What if I want to bury my pet?

If you are burying on your own property, please ensure beforehand that your local ordinance does not prohibit this.  We can provide a water resistant, dignified burial bag if you wish - please see our urn page for more information.  A more common option is to have your pet buried at a local pet cemetery  (Toothacres)- we can transport your pet to the cemetery for you for an additional fee. Typically, the pet cemetery handles the burial in accordance with your wishes once we have transported your pet there.


My dog/cat/small pet has passed away at home. What do I do?

If your pet passes away on their own at home, wrap their body in a blanket and place a waterproof plastic bag  or puppy pad underneath the blanket to contain any leaking bodily fluids. You can then contact us to arrange for dignified eollection of your pet's body- we can then arrange for any of the above cremation or burial services. If private cremation is requested we will personally return the ashes.  Cost of these services are listed below (please note that travel fees may still apply depending on your location).  You also always have the option to transport your deceased pet yourself to a crematorium or local hospital. ​ Our collection services are only available during business hours, and timing of collection depends on our existing appointment schedule and your location. 

Cost of Transport & Cremation Services (for pets that have passed away at home)

  • $300 - Pickup at your home, private cremation, paw print, hair clipping, and return of cremains to your home.  Urns are chosen separately.  Please see our Keepsakes & Urns page for options.

  • $175 - Pickup at your home, communal cremation, paw print, hair clipping.  The cremains are placed in a memorial garden at the crematorium.

  • $100 - Pickup at your home, transport to Toothacres Crematory And Cemetery for burial.  You will need to arrange burial services directly with the Toothacres staff.

  • Depending on your location within our service area, there may be an additional travel fee of up to $150.  We do not travel outside our service area.

  • We accept cash, credit cards, or Scratchpay.  Click here for information to apply for Scratchpay.  Payment is due time of service.  An invoice can be paid prior to the appointment or when the veterinarian arrives.

Our Crematory Partners

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