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Beyond The Rainbow

Dr. Joanna Henderson, DVM and Dr. Sarah Heinemann, DVM are honored to continue the legacy that Kate Moore and Terry Branson (pictured) started when they founded Beyond the Rainbow Pet Hospice and Memorial Center in 2006.  Beyond The Rainbow was founded to help pet parents with the end-of-life process for their beloved pets including home hospice, home euthanasia, cremation, and burial services.

Our Philosophy:
The anticipated death of a beloved pet is a difficult and traumatic time in the life of a pet parent.

As pet owners and veterinarians, we understand that pet parents experience the same intense grief and sense of loss that occurs when a human member of the family dies.

Our mission is to provide a warm, supportive, and compassionate end-of-life experience for you and your pet and provide a way for your family and friends to celebrate the life and significance of your best friend.

We pledge that we will help you find a way to say goodbye that will honor your family member and build wonderful memories that will eventually replace the darkness of grief.

We will always treat your pet like we treat our own; with love, dignity and respect.

"They are with us for a little while, but leave their

paw prints on our hearts forever."